About Us

Kaia is a sport.

You are an athlete. Your class is your team.

Kaia FIT is not your typical gym. We are a community of women bonded through sweat, muscle aches, steaming hot workouts and chilly morning runs. We focus on personal results achieved through teamwork. Here, you’re surrounded by women helping each other accomplish common goals. By asking that you commit to a class time, we are asking you to commit to your team each morning. This team of women is what keeps you accountable, inspired and driven. You, in turn, inspire them!

This is key to understanding why Kaia is so special. A great example is our 6 week BRIK program (or Bootcamp). The philosophy behind BRIK goes much further than just ‘working out’. We believe our three yearly BRIKs are the cornerstones of health and fitness in our program. By building a solid foundation during the 6 week BRIK, we train our body and mind to take on challenges previously thought to be impossible…together.

Kaia FIT is unique in that we offer three, 6-week BRIKs spaced evenly throughout the year. Each session is loaded with innovative workouts and nutritional support that are specific to the season. 

They have been designed to increase a client’s fitness level and to get them excited about exercising and eating healthy again.

Building a supportive network during sessions is a vital component to your success. The women who sweat with you daily are attuned to your emotions because they feel the same way! Whether you are tired, pumped, frustrated, lacking energy, etc. we have all been there. Yet, recognize that within your class, you are someone else’s role model, inspiration and silent teacher.

We ask you to come to Kaia FIT not only as a committed athlete, as you all are, but also as a devoted teammate.


1435 North Market Blvd Suite 3,

Sacramento, CA 95834

Phone. 916-432-3032

Email. info@kaiafitnatomas.com

Fair Oaks

9045 Fair Oaks Blvd. Suite E,

Carmichael, CA 95608

Phone. 916-432-3032

Email. info@kaiafitfairoaks.com

West Sacramento

3170 Jefferson Blvd Suite 135,

West Sacramento, CA 95691

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